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Corvette C8 Subscription Price.

13 months

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6 months

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10,000 miles/year 

Available in FL, NY, CA, NJ, CT, PA, and CO

Subject to Credit Approval

Due at Signing

Estimated total due on drive off.
Does not include applicable sales tax or state and dealer registration fees. Longer commitment eligible for reduced startup costs.


Subject to credit application and credit approval. Only available to highly qualified applicants.
Require contract signing and amount due at signing payment prior to taking the vehicle. Consumers must return vehicle within 3 business days or 100 total miles driven for refund of amount due at signing. subject to MotorEnvy excess wear and tear policy.



Straight-up answers to common questions. No frills, no fuss.

When you subscribe to a car you're getting more flexibility and simplicity which translates into more happiness behind the wheel of your favorite car. All of our vehicles can be returned at ANY TIME by our clients without penalty. You're NOT buying a car, which makes everything easier. You don't need to hassle with negotiation, title, or registration, or worry about the small stuff, like routine maintenance. No need to deal with the hassle of selling the car, with tire kickers coming to your house or dealers trying to lowball you on its value. Also only pay taxes on what you use, and not on the whole value of the vehicle that you don’t consume.

Your Motorenvy subscription includes 10,000 miles per year or roughly 833 miles per month. So if you subscribe to a car for six months, your mileage allowance is 4,998 miles. Of course, if you need to drive more, that's OK. Additional mileage will cost just $0.50 per mile.

Think of it like a down payment (commonly called a “Cap. cost reduction” in traditional leases), which is one of the factors that helps lower the cost of your monthly payment. You can choose the combination of startup cost and monthly payment that is right for you; it's all customizable. There's no magic here, the lower you go upfront, the higher will be your monthly payment. Luxury vehicles are expensive and the only way to keep our community safe is covering all the costs to keep those cars available for our members. We incur tremendous costs when members get into one of our luxury cars. Things like reconditioning, maintenance, and transactional cost of buying and selling the vehicle are things we are very good at minimizing, but they are still costs. In order to keep our fleet fresh, we don’t keep these cars very long in service….most of the time you are the only driver of one of our subscription cars before they are sold!

This is once in a lifetime payment. It is 100% paid to our team to guarantee the outstanding services that you will have as a member of the Motorenvy community. In return, Motorenvy is rewarded with some of the highest customer retention rates in the automotive industry and a proud permanent 5-star review at Google.

To add the Motorenvy vehicle to your policy, simply list us as the "Additional Insured/Loss Payee." Your policy must meet the following criteria: Primary automobile liability insurance with minimum limits for bodily injury or death of: $100,000 for any one person, and $300,000 for any one accident, and $100,000 for property damage; and Must Name MotorEnvy Finance Inc. as additional insured and loss payee. The address is 300 Colfax Ave Unit C, Clifton, NJ 07013 b. Physical damage insurance for the full value of the vehicle, with a maximum deductible of $1,000.

The main difference with Motorenvy is we specialize in lease financing for pre-owned vehicles. Because of this focus, we can now offer shorter lease terms as well as lower monthly payments in comparison to leasing new. If a client joins our membership program, they will also have additional benefits such as a limited power train warranty on the leased vehicles as well as waiving of any early termination penalties!

Making your monthly payments is easy with autopay. You'll provide a checking account during activation, and your payment will be automatically deducted each month on the same date that your subscription started.

Yes, there's a residual value set on the vehicle at the start of your subscription.

Yes, our inventory team will work with you to get the higher than average used car prices, and you can use your car's equity to pay for your subscription.

Yes, as with traditional leases, the car is registered to you, but don't worry, we will handle all the hassle of that. The car will arrive at you with a temp tag, and you will receive your permanent plate at your doorstep by FedEx within 30 days.

Yes, your car can be titled and registered to your company. You will have to be the guarantor in the subscription agreement.

You are responsible for your vehicle and ensuring it remains in great condition. If a vehicle is returned with damage or excess wear and tear, you will be charged. But remember, safe drivers usually never pay a penny of that to us. We are proud to have a legion of happy recurring customers. We will never charge you something unfair.

The main difference with Motorenvy is we specialize in lease financing OF HIGHLY DESIRABLE AND LIGHTLY USED LUXURY pre-owned vehicles.

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